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    The Indonesian Wedding Photographers Guild as known as IndonesianWPG is the first wedding photographers association in Indonesia. Started as an idea of six Indonesian wedding photographers with the same passion and goals. Now, there are EIGHT passionate and professional photographers who dare to stand out among the others.

    There are a lot of new wedding photographers flooding the market, and the number is growing steadily. We believe that wedding photography industry has to be done by professionals. It's the way it should be. Everyone in this guild treat this job seriously and never stop trying to create timeless memories. By coming together in this guild, IndonesianWPG offer an easy way for couples to find some of Indonesia's greatest wedding photographers for their unforgettable day.

    We have a lot of fun here because this is where we share our love and care to this 'industry', our latest wedding works, favourites, trips, ideas, knowledges, etc. Here you can browse through each photographer's point of view and how they present it in a picture. At the end, you will find a photographer that will suits you the best.

    The IndonesianWPG aims to bring wedding photography to the next level, and this is just the beginning.

    Let's stand out among the crowds!

An Open Letter 2014 : We Dare You To Stand Out Among The Crowds

Dear our fellow Indonesian wedding photographers,

While others busy try to get bookings, we are busy empowering ourself to be a better wedding photographer. We believe that money is the consequences of a good work, so here in IndonesianWPG we share and learn together to raise our bar to the next level. We are not just another organization, we are family in a small company. We invested our most precious asset that we called “time” to grew up together.

This group is about commitment.

Within this post we would like to invite you guys to join our family here. We dare you to stand out among the crowd, dare to be different in a good way!

Last year, Derry Martalova of Martalovia Photography joined our family. And we are so glad and proud of him.

This year we are ready to get more member! We hope this year we have more member that can be together with us to the next level of Indonesian Wedding Photographers Guild!

Step by step to join IndonesianWPG :

1. Sent email to : apply[at]  with subject : I’M READY! – with message consisting your full information (name,email,and website *not facebook pages*), and attach us your best 20 images (prewedding+wedding day)
2. We’ll reply with a little assignment for you
3. We’ll observe your assignment
4. Interview
5. Inauguration in Pekanbaru, Riau on 9th-11th of June 2014.

Indonesian Wedding Photographers Guild



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