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Derry, when did you start focusing on photography? And what are the basic tips that brought you like this?

I started in 2008 after I decided to resign from my previous job. Well, basicly I love design. It started when I was an editor for an advertisement at tobacco company. By that, I was challenged to create my own photo, and not just to edit the photo.

What kind of thing or activitiy in Pekanbaru, that maked you more interesting with photography?

In Pekanbaru, there is not enough place considered good, not much, but the thing is how to make the photo interesting, not just taking an interesting object.

What is your fellow mates think when they found you as who you are right now?

My mates in Pekanbaru support me. They have a great support for me.


What is the trending topic related photography there ?

Well, defintely wedding photography. There are a lot of new brand come up. Most of them are my friends.

Who has inspired you in your path of photography?
Believe it or not, all the members of IWPG have inspired me. They are all my idols. I am impressed by them. Everyone has their unique photo character that I like.
In taking a picture, what kind of lense do you use the most? Wide or tight? Tell me why?
I prefer wide than tight because I will be more easy to deliver the message of the photo. I can get all by the wide lense. The beauty of the background, and of course the emotion of the model will reveal.

Which one do you like in taking a picture, indoor or outdoor? Give me the reason.

For me, outdoor as if I am more challenged. The weather makes us to be creative, and that part is needed to shape our creativity. Even-though it is sometimes out of our concept.

Why did you choose wedding?

Because it is not only about a fine photo, I am able to meet many new people there. 

What is your recent thing you love to do with wedding photogtaphy?

I love the underwater photography; therefore, every session of the whole, I will try to send my client into the water.

What you would like to do for your client in 2014?

I want my client to be sure that they will be satisfied with the photo that I will make, and definitely with an approach to them. For me, client is a new best friend.

What do you prepare before Shoot the Wedding Day?

Beside the camera and lighting stuff, I prepare the concept. I try to make something new, and make it different. Last, I talk to myself before I go that I can make beautiful photos today.

Could you share the marketing plan strategic to have a career as a Wedding Photographer..?

I do that with the social med, and also find the data of people who are about to marry like the marriage institutions. In addition, my friends help me a lot, so I have got a lot of marketers. 

Internasional Wedding or Traditional Wedding, what do you think is more challenging..?

The traditional wedding. Indonesia is rich with cultures. My goal in 2014 is that I can take the traditional photograph from Sabang until Merauke.

You are the youngest member in IWPG, what made you think to join?

Ad simple as I want to learn. I think IPWG is the proper one for me with a lot of outstanding people.

What is on your mind if you are asked about IWPG?

IWPG is a family, and it is not only share the photo stuff, but a lot.

What have u got so far from IWPG?

Ive got a lot. One of them is I have more my confident in packaging and distributing my photos properly.

Related with achieving the vision of yours, what is the most important thing IWPG should do?

IWPG should be the measurement of wedding photography in Indonesia or the world one day.

What is your own plan and things you will do in future?

There will be many things. For example I will explore more about the underwater photography. I am happy if I can make people happy seeing my photos. I love this job.I believe that I can succeed with bunch of friends who have a will to be success and love because this job needs love. Team work is needed so that I think that we should keep our friendship as we take care our own family.

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