Candid at it’s Best : KIDS ON WEDDING

We all know that a wedding is a special day for everyone involved, especially the bride+groom. But there’s no exception that children are involved on a wedding too. Little boys suiting up in tuxedoes and little girls dressing up in cute and angelic outfits, it’s a milestone for the smallest guests as well.

As wedding photographers, we are there to capture every single moments at its best. Sometimes people forget about children existence on a wedding day. They can’t take their eyes off the bride+groom on that day or busy mingling with the adults.

Children can make a wedding more colorful and unique. Their innocence and spontaneity are the best, it can create magical moments.

Long story short, here are some IWPG team members “Kids on wedding” collection.

We know it that all of you enjoy this post, wait for more!

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