Introduction Hendy Wicaksono : THE MAGICIAN

Indonesian Wedding Photographers Guild proudly introduce one of our new member, Hendy Wicaksono from Hendy Wicaksono Photography, and these are our up close and personal with the magician!

Tell us little bit about your self :
My Name is Hendy Wicaksono, I was born in Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur on December 17th,1985, married and have one cute little girl. I’m a Wedding Photographer that specialize in Indonesian Traditional Wedding. Indonesian Traditional Wedding in my opinion is a Wedding Procession which have many precious moments and variable cultures. I fell in love with Indonesian culture way back from only by reading books.
I was a Magician and Stage Hypnotist before I become a Wedding Photographer. I like to make everyone happy and it all happens when I perform. When I perform a magic show, everyone always got surprised and smile, I got the same feeling too when my awesome photos are presented to my beloved client. They never know the other perspective views about their wedding. It is a good story for their life, although only from a photograph.
Wedding Photography is a part of our Story life. It brings memorable moments that so precious when you see it several years later. And a good photo is my presents and appreciation as a wedding photographer to a wedding moment itself.

What kind of wedding that the most memorable for you :
One of my wedding that I photographed have a lot of complaints and problems, from the wedding day until the delivery product, and finally the bride and groom express their gratitude to my hard works. And then one day they call me to shot their maternity! If we have problems with client, don’t argue, just do our best. That’s my most memorable wedding.

If today you are not a wedding photographer, what would you be :
Maybe I’ll become food or interior photographer.

What is your biggest dream :
One day I want to make a book about traditional wedding cultures in Indonesia.

What is the power of your wedding images :
I can say that my wedding images are different from other wedding photographers, I can capture the moments into story telling.

Big wedding or small wedding :
Cause I’m shooting a traditional wedding, I never shoot a small wedding. A traditional wedding always come out with big number of guests and also big places. And yes I love Big Weddings!

What is your weakness :
Directing/posing, but yes I keep on learning about it and also to manage my team, I am a person with a positive thinking and always give a chance to my team, in other way some times it’s hard to be an assertive people or even giving a punishment. I learn not to keep on make the same mistake, and trying to transmit it to my team.

Why do your clients booked you :
Most of them because of word of mouths. I shoot my client and then their relatives, friends etc.

Share with us a few of your favorites images :

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