An Interview : RANDOM SEVEN

An Interview with one of our member : Victor Leonarto. Just a seven random questions to get to know more about this cool guy!

First, what makes photography important for you?

Since at the young age i have been interested in photography because i never want to miss every single moment that happens in my life or in my surrounding.
The deeper i know photography the smaller i feel about myself because photography is so huge and wide, photography is philosophy. Therefore my interest in photography is getting bigger and bigger.

Second, how you got into weddings?

Wedding photography is unique. I started my career in the photography world from the human interest and automatically it is related with street photography. Then I keep trying to get involved in other fields like fashion, architecture, still life, journalism nd many other fields.
Well, in wedding photography, I feel I’ve got all that i mentioned above in one special event. For me, the wedding is like a bridge where a couple will start another new life, which is completely different with the lives they have been through before. And I’d be very happy to be in the historical moments of the couple. And it will be the happiest if I can capture every moment in the special day very well and perfectly.

Third, how do you feel about your work?

It’s very interesting for me, not only there are such a lot of precious moments in my client’s life, but also there is a wide variety of the genres. Therefore i feel i am challenged more to get many improvements. For me to be a qualified photographer, we are demanded to be great in many fields including the entertainment world because the communication among clients is essential. The beautiful part of this work is i not only get a client but also a friend.

Four, you love : big wedding or small wedding?

For me both of them don’ť matter because what i like is the moments inside in the wedding it self. As long as the events are qualified, the capture of the every single moment demands qualified skill to create great masterpieces.

Five, imagine Indonesia wedding photography in 5 years later. What would it be?

The development of photography industry increases rapidly including the wedding field. But i have no idea for the reason; perhaps many indonesian people like to plunge at such a great things eagerly hahaha…

Six, any place that you think you would love to do a photograph there and why?

If i mention one by one it will be a long list to write. hahaha…. I really love the clean, simple, dramatic and elegant.

Seven, let us know at least 5 things we never knew about you and 5 things we should know about you!

Hahaha.. I feel ridiculuos with this question because i am so confused how to answer it. Well, actually i am not an extrovert but I always try to be. I mean i can be more active nd communicative with the people i meet. I am food enthusiast and i DO love blue. Hahahaa..

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