1. Three words about you ?

Handsome – Crazy – Friendly.

2. Tell us about who you are before being a wedding photographer ?

I was a Magician and Stage Hypnotist.

3. Why wedding photography ?

Wedding photography is about consistency. The actual wedding day is always been the same, but wedding photography is not. Unlimited creativity but still connecting with the actual wedding. This is what made me choose wedding photography.

We repeat it from time to time but with more creativity.

4. Well I know it will be provocative , why Nikon?

Its not about being a brand fanatic :p, But for me, Nikon = creativity.

 5. Inspirations, what do you think about that?

Inspirations are like vitamins for us. It pumps us to be creative and different. Inspirations could be in our own field or from anywhere else that is so different from what we do. One example, sometimes I try to make a wedding ring shot unique from magic gimmicks.

6. Who is your photography hero ?

Hmmm… Peter Parker…. :p …. no no.. Everyone who inspires me is my Hero.

7. Do you believe in originality ? why ?

I believe in originality. A person’s thought is originality. Even though our thoughts are effects from others’ influences that we develop as our own too.

8. What is your believe in IWPG?

Just a simple thing :  to bring a wedding photography to the next level in Indonesia!

9. Why should people hire you ?

My specialization is Indonesian traditional weddings, so you would know why you should hire me. Put it this simple, you would pick an architect to design your house rather than a painter, even though both of them can draw.

10. In 3 years a head, what you pictured about your self ?

I want to keep inspire others and changing the traditional wedding more modern.

11. Tell me your secret of sustaining in this business?

I know many people start this business from zero. So the best lesson that you can get is how you manage what You have done.

Knowing your position and show your speciality.

And one more, if your brand is a wedding photography, focus on it. It would be better that you don’t bring your brand as a wedding videography too. Your brand is not a one stop service, isn’t it? . Moreover you add a bridal,makeup,decoration, band, wedding organizer or maybe …. Matchmaker :p

12. Tell me about your team, how you manage those small numbers to handle big amount of your works ?

My team is my family. So… :)

13. Last one, please share 20 of you best wedding images :)

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