Have you ever grow your hair before? can you show us your previous hairstyle?
Haha, of course I had hair before. I just decided to always shave my head around 9 year ago. I’ve been shaving my hair at least once or twice every month since then :)

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of my previous hairstyle. All I can say I was doing the same thing like most guys do, styling our spiky hair in the morning hahaha. Such a waste of time LOL :)

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Patience – Honest – Animal lovers

What your most silly moment as wedding photographer?
One time I had to be wet from top to bottom along with my assistant. We actually fell to a sewer during a session. I was asking my assistant to pick me up on his back (piggyback style) for higher angle. He slipped and lost balance, and there we went – STRAIGHT DOWN TO THE SEWER. We were soaking wet but my gears were safe :) No matter what happened keep your hands up guys!

What your biggest achievement in life?
Being a wedding photographer and a dog breeder are my biggest achievements so far I think :)
I really love photography and dogs. Many people say its the best thing if someone could do something that he really passionate about and make it as his daily job, and I am doing it. Love my jobs

We knew you love Black and white photography, can you tell us why you love it?
Two words – honest and bold!

I fell in love with photography for the first time because of my analog black and white photography class back in college. I was so addicted shooting and processing my film in the darkroom. Way before digital era, all I know was black and white photography. I’ve never shoot anything in color films.

Its honest and bold because I think we can really look deeper the meaning of a photo when its black and white. A photo could be really really good when there’s actually a great meaning in it, despite all the good colors (yes, great color could make people say its a good photo), beautiful backgrounds (oh wow, the cloud is amazing – haha yes many people say this), or good props and wardrobes.

Photography is an art form for me. Colors could distract the viewer with the actual meaning of why the artist (photographer) took the shot.

I don’t hate colors, but I prefer black and white :)

How you feed your creative brain?
Movies – Internet – Get a good sleep :)

Shoot prewedding or shoot wedding? Why?
I have to admit, I like wedding better. Why? There are so many things to say about shooting a wedding. Simply, I like the challenge shooting a wedding. I like to meet new people. I love the various kind of moments of the wedding eventhough sometimes we know the flow of a wedding. How to be creative with same location, same “moments”.

If you have opportunity yo choose any kind of wedding to shoot, what would it be?
Indian wedding with outdoor settings!

Who is your favorite photographers?
Daniel Kudish + Davina Palik and Chrisman Studios – these guys are awesome!

Could you share 10 of your favorite images recently?

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