I was born in Bali, December 1976. The first introduction to photography was at school in 1995, although only with a pocket camera at the time.

“Despite not having a DSLR camera, the intention Gusde desperate to learn photography smoldering even have to practice with pocket camera ..” (Bella Donna The Wedding Magz; 10 2009 edition).

In 2003, I began to seriously pursue photography, along with the development of digital camera technology is growing rapidly and I feel blessed live in Bali as a magical place, every photographer’s dream

“His talent is evident from the work of the works that firmly underlined, composition, detail and colors are strong and special.” (Rolling Stone’s Hot List 2009, Hot photographers, Rolling Stone Magz, edition 51, 2009).

Now, with a supported by a solid team, I am established Gusde Photography.



+62 812 3962708