I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, full time daddy of a handsome boy, and a proud husband of the most beautiful wife u can ever have.

I am a full-hearted wedding photographer.

Started to find excitement in wedding photography since 2007, with my best friend Sigit Prasetio we create THEUPPERMOST- a name that we put on our chest for a reason.

I am a self taught photographer, and being practiced and experienced in wedding photography. I have the ability to anticipate the moment just before it happens.

I love moment in beauty.

For me wedding photography is  all about passion, interpretation, story, moment, and  creativity. The art of communication without adding other value but the “picture” it self, not even beautiful words to explain the picture.

Well its just me, coz nowadays a lot of people with camera are just very good in words and design.. but calling their self photographer :)

Money is not my aim to do this, money is the consequences of a good work.

For impeccable service and the complete confidence that everything will be taken good care,  trust THEUPPERMOST!



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